Jelly, Jelly and more Jelly

Welcome to my blog, where I’m going to record my adventures in vegetarian cooking.

I’ve picked jelly as the theme for my first blogging experience.  I love desserts, and if I’m eating out I usually pick my pudding before deciding what I will be eating for the rest of my meal.  As a vegetarian, I personally think there’s nothing more disappointing than finding you can’t eat a dessert because it contains animal ingredients.  In the supermarket I often find myself putting back tempting desserts because they’re not suitable for vegetarians.  Desserts should be for everyone – there’s just no good reason for them not to be vegetarian.

There are a range of different products that you can use in place of gelatine to set your jelly and I chose four to try out.

I made four different jellies using agar agar, VegeSet, Vegegel by Dr Oeteker and Asda’s own make called Vegetarian Gel.

There’s a seperate blog post for each of the recipes, but I thought I’d summarise the results of the jelly experiment here. 

I found that vegetarian gelatine substitutes are strong stuff and you don’t need to put your jelly in the fridge to cool.  It will set at room temperature in about an hour.  The substitues also produce a different texture to non-vegetarian jellies.  I found that agar agar particuarly produced a very solid, firm jelly.  The ingredients ranged in price from £5.89  for the agar agar to 89p for the Asda branded product.

I’d recommend having at least one of these products in your cupboard for producing delicious veggie-friendly desserts.  Making your own jelly from fruit juice means you can be adventurous with the flavours and have some fun.


4 thoughts on “Jelly, Jelly and more Jelly

  1. Hi! This post was soso helpful- thank you so much. It’s amazing how many veggie/vegan blogs there are out there now, and even more amazing how your (obviously quite new) blog was the only one to explain things this clearly! Can’t wait to see what’s next (from a fellow Brit too!) 🙂
    Amber xx

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