Ikea Tangkorn Vegetarian caviar review

Ikea was not the place I was expecting to find something new to add to my veggie food repertoire.  But it was on their shelves where Tangkorn Vegetarian Caviar lies, waiting to be discovered.

I’ve never eaten caviar before, so I’ve no idea if it tastes authentic.

I’ve looked for recipes to use my vegetarian caviar in and not really found anything.  I’ve seen it used as a garnish, but this seems a bit of a strange thing to serve with vegetarian flavours.  The If Martha was Vegan blog has a recipe for Lemon ‘Caviar’ Spaghetti which I will give a try.

I purchased blinis from Sainsburys and topped them with sour cream and a spoonful of the caviar.

I don’t think I’ll be purchasing it reguarly, but I think it would be a fun party food.

An 85g jar cost £1.75 from Ikea.