Christmas Cookery

I thought I would share pictures and links to some of the Christmas food I’ve made in the last few days.

1. Christmas Pavlova Wreath from Tesco Magazine.  IChristmas Pavlova needed to make mine in advance to serve at lunch time so I didn’t include the chocolate drizzle sauce.  I used strawberries and redcurrants.  I also used twice as much double cream to top the meringue, as the 300ml in the recipe was nowhere near enough!

2. Orange tree decorations, inspired by some of the beautiful christmas trees at Chatsworth House when we visited.  Orange tree decorationsI adapted from the instructions here.

3. Christmas Panna Cotta by the Hairy Bikers. Christmas panna cotta Of course, I substituted the gelatine for a vegetarian setting agent (Asda Vegetarian Gel).  I also swapped some of the raisins for dried cherries and used less rum, as I found I didn’t need quite as much as the recipe suggested!  I used half double cream and half milk for the panna cotta base.

4. Cranberry and orange crumble. Cranberry Crumble I bought some fresh cranberries that had been reduced in the supermarket and then didn’t know what to do with them.  I cooked them in a pan with some orange juice and zest and a generous helping of sugar and topped with a crumble topping.  Eat this crumble with lots of cream.


Festive treats

I’ve not been feeling very festive – the holiday season has definitely crept up on me so I’m feeling unprepared and exhausted by the whole thing already!  A trip to Lincoln Christmas Market did go some way towards helping me get in the festive spirit (particularly the sampling of Hot Spiced Mead and Spicy Monk cider!).

I have also been enjoying some festive food to try and get me into the mood.Frosty Fancy

Firstly, I want to tell you about Mr Kipling Festive Fancies.  As a child, I loved French Fancies, but they’re not suitable for vegetarians so I feel like I’ve been missing out.  The Festive Fancies are all white and are okay for vegetarians.

I also found a festive vegetarian jelly in Marks and Spencer. 


It’s in the shape of a snowman, with the body being a creamy jelly and the hat made of a cranberry flavoured jelly.  The two types of jellies use different setting agents, and it makes a real difference to the texture.  The soft creamy jelly uses agar agar and the cranberry jelly, which is much firmer, uses carageen. 

You can read more about the M&S Christmas food range, which supports the charity Shelter here.