Festive treats

I’ve not been feeling very festive – the holiday season has definitely crept up on me so I’m feeling unprepared and exhausted by the whole thing already!  A trip to Lincoln Christmas Market did go some way towards helping me get in the festive spirit (particularly the sampling of Hot Spiced Mead and Spicy Monk cider!).

I have also been enjoying some festive food to try and get me into the mood.Frosty Fancy

Firstly, I want to tell you about Mr Kipling Festive Fancies.  As a child, I loved French Fancies, but they’re not suitable for vegetarians so I feel like I’ve been missing out.  The Festive Fancies are all white and are okay for vegetarians.

I also found a festive vegetarian jelly in Marks and Spencer. 


It’s in the shape of a snowman, with the body being a creamy jelly and the hat made of a cranberry flavoured jelly.  The two types of jellies use different setting agents, and it makes a real difference to the texture.  The soft creamy jelly uses agar agar and the cranberry jelly, which is much firmer, uses carageen. 

You can read more about the M&S Christmas food range, which supports the charity Shelter here.



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