Trip to London

Here are some food and drink highlights of my recent trip to London:

Mildred's - starter Mildred's - main course Mildred's - dessert Harrod's - desserts Harrods - cake Wahaca Laudree Hummingbird bakery Black Bottom cupcake

  • An amazing dinner at Mildreds, including Crispy Polenta with pesto, olives, roast cherry tomatoes and lemon marscarpone, Smoked tofu, apple and bean sausages with kale, garlic mash and pear cider jus and Pineapple, rum and chilli upside down cake for dessert.
  • Mini desserts and rainbow cake from Harrod’s food hall.
  • Delicious food and cocktails at Wahaca.  My highlight was the Sweet potato and feta taquito, but everythig was fantastic .  I’m definitely digging my Thomasina Miers book out and getting cooking.
  • Macaroons from Ladurée – I tried Blood Orange and Lemon and Lime.
  • Blackbottom Cupcakes from the Hummingbird Bakery.

We also enjoyed:

  • Malibu and Pear juice – who knew this would be so nice?  Must locate some pear juice now!
  • Starbucks Refresha, with Lime, Mint and Green Coffee.
  • Breakfast at the Victoria and Albert Museum

Some non-food related highlights were:

The British Museum, Covent Garden, Wicked! and most importantly having a wonderful time in the company of my fantastic husband x x x


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