Goat’s cheese and vegetarian caviar bites

Today’s challenge is to blog about something you are an expert in. Well I don’t really feel I’m an expert in anything, I’m more the sort of person who likes to try out loads of different things.

So I’m going to blog about something I would like to be an expert in – veggie food (I bet you didn’t see that one coming did you!?)

Goat’s cheese and vegetarian caviar bites
Caviar and goat's cheese bites

This recipe was inspired by something I saw in Olive magazine.

One small Goat’s cheese log
Tangkorn vegetarian caviar (from Ikea)
Nori sheets, cut into small squares

1. Roll the goat’s cheese into small bitesize balls.
2. Roll each ball in vegetarian caviar balls.
3. Place each shiny black ball of pearls onto a nori square.

The original recipe suggested using crushed pink peppercorns or chives to coat the goat’s cheese balls.


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