Whose afraid of the dark? Dark chocolate and orange cake bites

I seem to have developed a slight obsession with Cake pops, but they’re such a good way of using up cake crumbs. I didn’t have any lollipop stick to hand so these are cake bites rather than Cake pops, but the basic idea is the same.

Dark chocolate and orange cake bites (Makes 10)

Cake bites - choc orange

150g crumbled chocolate cake
50g marmalade
100g 85% cocoa solids chocolate
Dried orange peel to decorate
Mini bun cases

1. Mix together the marmalade with the cake crumbs.  It will still look crumbly, but don’t worry, just mix it in well.

2. Start rolling the mixture into balls, about 2.5cm across by pressing the mixture together firmly in your hand and then rolling it so it is as close to a sphere shape as possible (easier said than done, I’m afraid – mine often end up a bit wonky!).

3. When you’ve rolled all the mixture into balls, place them in a fridge and let them chill for at least 1 hour.

4. Melt the chocolate.  I use the microwave, but you have to be very careful and don’t let the chocolate burn.

5. Prepare a sheet of greaseproof paper to place your cake bites on.

6.  Coat the cake bites in chocolate one at a time.  Rescue the cake bite from the bowl of metled chocolate using a fork and let as much chocolate as possible drain off.  Place the cake bite onto the greaseproof paper.  Repeat with the remaining cake bites.

7. Use dried orange peel to decorate the cake bites.  Allow the chocolate to set.

8. Once the chocolate coating has dried place the cake bites into the mini bun cases to serve.

Choc orange cake bite


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