Chocolate orange flapjack

Ever since I read this post from Kerry Cook’s I’ve been hopelessly distracted by thoughts of chocolate flapjack.  So when I found some porridge oats in the back of my cupboard when on a tidying spree I knew the signs were telling me to make them.

I adapted Kerry’s recipe by adding in the zest of an orange and a good splash of orange juice and used milk chocolate and golden syrup.

They are every bit as delicious as they sound and I urge you not to resist – just bake them!

Chocolate orange flapjack

(I know, despite getting off to a good start, I haven’t been doing very well with the Blog Every Day in May challenge.  There were some suggested posts that just didn’t seem to fit in with what I wanted to blog about.  I’m going to get back on track and if the suggested post doesn’t take my fancy I’ll blog about something else instead.)


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