Things I’ve been cooking

I just wanted to share some fabulous things from other blogs that I’ve been cooking up and encourage you to go and have a look at the original recipes

After dinner mint biscuits from Cakeyboi

After dinner mint slices

These tasted like the Viscount biscuits I used to eat at my Grandma’s house.  The original recipe has a plain biscuit base, but I replaced some of the flour with cocoa for extra chocolatey goodness!

Leek and Ginger soup from the Vegetarian Society

Leek and Ginger soup

A lovely soup with a fiery kick to it from the ginger.

Cinnamon rolls made in the bread machine from Baked Bree

Cinnamon Rolls

I’m always looking for ways to make use of equipment in my kitchen so I rally enjoyed being able to use my bread machine for this creation.

Orange and Cinnamon Star Biscuits from BBC Good Food

Orange and cardamom stars

A really nice subtle flavour combination.

Toffee Apple Chiffon Cake from Lay the Table

Toffee apple chiffon cake

The original recipe calls for a salted caramel filling, but I was making this for my sister so went for the taste combination of toffee and apple instead.


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