What’s in my kitchen?

Today’s blog challenge was to reveal the contents of your makeup bag. That didn’t feel very relevant to a cooking blog, so I thought I would adapt the theme and tell you about a few things that can be found in my kitchen instead. I tried to pick some unusual items.

I am currently obsessed with popcorn and love trying different flavours. I am a big fan of the Joe & Seph’s range for a special treat, and Propercorn for an everyday snack. I’ve just discovered Metcalfe’s Honey Bee popcorn, which is delicious.

I’ve been experimenting with flavoured icing sugars and have been using Sugar and Crumbs Black Cherry flavour. I incorporated the icing sugar into meringues. I like the range because there is a wide variety of flavours.

I received a tub of Pop a Ball bursting bubbles in Passion Fruit flavour. I tried mine in a glass of Prosecco but they can be used in soft drinks or in Bubble Tea. They are vegetarian. www.popaball.co.uk





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