Charity I support

I can see that Steph at Seeing Spots has had a change of plan with her blog everyday in September challenges and instead of ‘A Charity I Support’ she has updated her list to ‘My Starbucks Order’. I’m going to stick with mentioning a charity that is close to my heart.

I support the Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust. They are a local charity based in Yorkshire but do amazing work across the UK supporting young people with cancer. The team there are fantastic and their hard work makes such a difference.

I had planned to bake something flavoured with rose, as the charity’s symbol includes a rose. However, that hasn’t happened as my sister needed help with catering for an event she is helping at this weekend, so I had to bake some buns for her.

I made jam doughnut muffins using this recipe.


I also made coffee cupcakes


Coffee cupcakes (makes 12)

For the bases

125g plain flour
150g caster sugar
1 heaped teaspoon baking powder
40g butter at room temperature
110ml milk
1 large egg
1 teaspoon of coffee flavouring

For the icing

75g butter at room temperature
250g icing sugar
25ml milk
1 teaspoon of coffee flavouring

1. Preheat the oven to 180°C.

2. Mix together the dry ingredients in an electric mixer. Add the butter and continue to mix until you get a sandy consistency.

3. Slowly add the milk, the egg and the coffee flavouring and mix until just combined and smooth. The mix will look very runny, but do not worry.

4. Divide the mixture into papercases and bake for 20 minutes. Leave to cool completely before icing.

5. In an electric mixer, beat the butter to ensure it is soft. Add the icing sugar and continue to mix on a slow speed until the mixture is combined. Add the milk and the coffee flavouring while the mixer is running. Turn the speed up to high and beat until the icing is fluffy. This will take at least 5 minutes.

Use the mixture to cover the bun bases. I like to use a piping bag and nozzle. I tried to use some dual icing bags that I bought from Poundland, but didn’t have much success. It claimed you could use them with a nozzle, but I couldn’t work out how!



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