Most used cookbook

Today’s challenge is actually to write about your most worn pair of shoes, but again I thought I’d give the theme a twist to make it fit with the fact that this is a cookery blog. I therefore decided to tell you about my most used cookbook.

I am a big fan of Nigella Lawson, even though a lot of her recipes are far from suitable for vegetarians! I own all her cookbooks, but the one that is dearest to me is ‘How to be a Domestic Goddess’. I remember purchasing it while on a memorable trip to Scarborough.

If you haven’t looked at this cookbook before, you need to head to the library and borrow a copy. My top recipes from the book are:

  • Courgette cake
  • Ricciarelli
  • Supper onion pie
  • Toffee profiteroles
  • Florentines
  • Cinder toffee
  • Coca-cola cake
  • Pavlova



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