What Katie baked next

I’ve been working hard to keep up with the Blog Everyday in September challenge and I’ve been thinking about what I will do to keep the momentum going in the next few weeks.


Image created using Hanx Writer app


I thought I’d pick a few recipes that I want to tackle and make myself a baking ‘to-do’ list to try and keep me focused:

1. I have some wholemeal flour in the cupboard that needs using up, so I’m going to make this Treacle Bread by Sam Stearn. I’ve used this recipe before and it’s really easy and produces great results.
2. I feel like making a Christmas cake this year, which is something I only do sporadically. I also want to make some of these Gingerbread man christmas tree decorations.
3. I posted last week about our trip to Glasgow and baking shortbread to celebrate. I have since come across another Scottish biscuit that I need to try – Empire Biscuits.
4. I’ve been craving poached peaches so I think it’s time to make some of these. I’ll blog my recipe and I’ll also attempt to take a decent picture for once, as poached peaches are so beautiful they deserve a stunning image.
5. Japanese Cotton Cheesecake – I have a recipe in ‘John Whaites Bakes’ that I’m going to use to try this out.


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