Welcome to my blog, where I’m recording my vegetarian recipes and eating experiences.


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  1. Hi There

    Re: Veggie Setting Agents !!!

    I just wanted to say, big big thank you, so much for sharing all this – I’m a veggie and have been for 25 years, but (she hangs her head in shame admitting to this) it’s only now I’ve started making desserts, calling for a setting agent. Obviously, as a veggie I’ve never used gelatine, but every recipe calls for it, so I’ve been busy looking through website after website, and it’s all very complicated, until I found yours, all the setting agent options and lovely recipes, so thank you very much, it’s much appreciated I can tell you, best wishes, ness

    • I’m so glad you found it useful Ness. Good luck with your desserts. I’ve found you can’t always just substitute veggie setting agents for gelatine (I’m still trying to master vegetarian marshmallows and fridge set cheesecakes). Hopefully the recipes here will give you a few easy ideas to start with though. I’d love to hear how you get on. Katie

      • Hi Katie!!! You’ve made my day replying thank you !!!!!!!
        I love marshmallows – I haven’t touched them obviously for years, but I still remember them, why or why did they have to use gelatine ;o) I will cross my fingers you master a veggie option ! I can follow instructions but I certainly can’t invent something, I’m not that creative ;o) … I’m on a different mission today, today is a lemon curd day (at least I can do that right) – although I go against the grain and refuse to use butter in mine as I’m one of those weird people that don’t like a buttery taste, I don’t however tell my ‘traditional’ cook neighbour that I do it this new fandangled way as she’d refuse to try it on principle ;o)
        Thank you again for replying, hope you’re having a great day, will be trying your recipes out on my other half, hope I get them right, take care, ness

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