Christmas Marmalade Gin

Well another year has flown by – but what a fantastic one it’s been. We celebrated Christmas with a trip to London to see ‘Big Fish the Musical’ and go ice-skating at Somerset House. There was some tasty food and drink sampled along the way; a Creme Brûlée eclair from the Savoy Café, a Speculoos canelé, water ganache chocolates, Cassis gin and Christmas Madeira from Fortnum and Mason and Cauliflower ‘chicken wings’ when visiting Wingmans at Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park.


We had a lovely Christmas Day celebrating with family after a brisk early morning walk around Regent’s Park (with a glimpse of the chimps and camels at London Zoo).

In the run up to the festive season we amassed a large amount of gin, mainly because I was lucky enough to receive a Gin Advent Calendar from my husband. I decided to use some to have a go at making marmalade gin, which I’d seen here. My recipe used Christmas Marmalade by Mrs Bridges, which I highly recommend (although my absolute favourite is the Christmas Preserve).

Christmas Marmalade Gin

You can adapt the quantities to the amount of gin you want to make.


1. Firstly find a suitable sealable container and add your marmalade. You’ll want around 4 heaped tablespoons for each 500ml of gin you are using. (Although the original recipe also includes sugar, I figured the marmalade was already sweet, so left that out.)

2. After adding the marmalade to your jar, top up until completely full with the gin. You’ll need to leave it for at least 2 weeks to let the flavour develop. Gently tip the jar up every day or so to help the gin and marmalade mingle. When ready to drink, pour through a sieve to collect the flavoured gin. Serve with ice, tonic and orange zest to garnish.

I’m thinking the leftover marmalade needs to be used for this bread and butter pudding recipe– I’m sure Nigella would approve!